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An arrest warrant for Darren Bridges, 30, on counts of first-degree murder and other offenses gives the most complete account yet made public about how authorities believe he gunned down 29-year-old Officer Marcus Mc Neil in the vicinity of the 6800 block of Cindy Place, in New Orleans East.Bridges was later shot by one of Mc Neil's colleagues, and he surrendered to authorities rather than bleed to death in his nearby apartment, the warrant says.In his online profile, Schumi says that he has been stationed at Camp Pendleton since mid-2012 and that he deployed to Yemen and assisted the U. Navy Police with investigating sailors and Marines for multiple thefts and assaults aboard the amphibious warship San Diego.His profile also lists him as a hand-to-hand combat instructor and a police officer who responded to more than 20 domestic violence cases in his Marine Corps career.

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A hearing is scheduled Friday at Camp Pendleton in the sexual assault case of Lance Cpl. NCIS agents accuse him of breaking into the room of an unnamed sleeping woman on Camp Pendleton on Dec.23 to molest her and photograph her during the attack — and then lying about the alleged incident to investigators.No trial date has been set in a homicide case against Lance Cpl.First responders took him to the hospital for treatment.Police later searched the apartment and found the clothes Bridges was seen wearing in the video, the warrant says.

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